Making memories

We had a wonderful weekend away from neuroblastoma. I didn't turn on my computer once and didn't read a single email or look at a single website related to the disease. Every once in a while you have to turn off and focus on something entirely. In this case, it was Max, Nic and Hannah.

Max started off the weekend with a toy-shopping excursion Saturday morning where we purchased a model to build of an A10 Warthog. We then went to meet up with his Cub Scout Den 6 and walked to Fire Station 24 and met with the wonderful guys there. Afterwards, the Myers (den leader Steve) invited the kids to stay and play in the backyard. They all had a wonderful time and it was the best therapy Max could have had after 3 tough weeks at clinic/in-patient, with more to start on Monday as cycle 2 of his chemo begins again.

Sunday evening, we met with Deb Schwedhelm again to have pics taken of the kids. The results speak for themselves... wow ;) Thank you Deb, thank you, thank you, thank you...

Nicky, Max and Hannah

The face of neuroblastoma




Deb (by Max)


Unknown said...

Fantastic shots! Happy to hear you all had a wonderful weekend together.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.......Beautiful.....Beautiful...... That's all I gotta say about that!!!! Just Beautiful!!!!

rhonda dudley


deb schwedhelm photography said...

thank YOU for allowing me to experience a bit of the joy that max brings to this world. i am a better person for knowing him...and your family. thank you. thank you. thank you!!

Anonymous said...

What great happy shots of your great kids!! They made me cry and smile all at the same time. You are so right...sometimes you just need to step back from that 'C' word and breathe and be joyful...living life to the Max! xo Linny

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful happy smiles... Thank you, Deb! Glad your weekend was full of good things. You deserved every minute!

Much love, Nana

Randee said...

WOW!!!What awesome pictures--so full of love and smiles. YEAH!!for your wonderful C-break and good for you for taking it!!! How was Hannah's trip to Girl Scout camp?
Love--Annee Ranee

Anonymous said...

What amazing photos of your family. You all continue to inspire me and give me great insight into what is important on this journey called life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,
I love the photos of your children. I can see your mom in them, especially the one of Nicky. I know her spirit lives on in them and you. She was such a generous person.
We pray for Max and your family often and try to live life to the Max every day.
Love, Colleen Newman Meyenberg

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