I don't know what my purpose in life is, but I'm sure it doesn't include eating broccoli

I had no idea what to title this post, but I found a newsletter from Nic's daycare teacher which had a cartoon that pretty much made sense to me this morning.

First, Max may be coming home today. I'm cautiously optimistic on this point and am not allowing myself to get too excited about the possibility. Nor am I telling Nic, who is suffering from some sort of fever too and is miserable without his mommy.

Second, Austin Melgar passed away last night. I won't attempt to eulogize him here, but for those of you who followed his story, his was a valiant and incredibly courageous fight against neuroblastoma. Ultimately, it appears Austin passed away with no measurable disease, when just a few months prior had the type of raging, out-of-control progression relapsed neuroblastoma parents dread as almost 100% inevitable.

We may never know what cured Austin, nor what put him into the coma that preceded his passing, and at least for now it doesn't matter to dwell on it. Please think nice thoughts, pray, or just be extra nice today to a stranger in honor of Austin's life, his fight against neuroblastoma, and his family.

If Max gets released today, he'll be able to join his cub scout den tomorrow for a fire station visit. Hannah is at girl scout encampment all weekend long and is terribly excited at the prospect of sleeping with her girlfriends for two nights straight.

More, later.


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