We saw Deb on Thursday. She hasn't graced our family with her talents (love + skill = magic) since April 2009. Nothing really I have to say, the pictures speak for themselves. Life is beautiful, yet we should be 5.


Sarah Jane Photography + So Childish = $2254

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

When Sarah called me a few weeks ago about this cute Valentine fundraiser, I had no idea how really and truly great it would become. Not that it mattered really - Andy & I were so grateful that someone offered to host a fundraiser for MROF. (I think that's the dream of anyone with a non-profit!)

I drove to my old 'hood on Thursday to meet Leyla, as she had offered us a place to promote Touch-A-Truck and sell tickets during the event. (I spent my teenage years in what is now referred to as "South Park" and let me tell you how it's grown into a very nice neighborhood.) Her shop, So Childish, is the cutest thing you could imagine. If you need baby clothes or a baby gift, you must shop here. The selection is unique and the prices are just right! And, of course, Leyla is a very sweet woman with a huge heart.
Saturday morning I arrived at the shop to find everyone setting up. Some of the offerings at the fundraiser were baby hand prints on ceramic, yummy cupcakes by Harina Dulce (see top photo), mommy jewelry by Starfish, a raffle featuring gifts from all of the guest vendors, So Childish and Sarah Jayne Photography, a craft table to keep the little ones occupied while they waited their turn for...
a super cute photo session with Sarah. (This is a photo I took with my phone and does not reflect the super cute shots Sarah captured.) Sarah took photos of 54 different children/families in less than four hours. She did more leg squats yesterday than I've done in the past five years. I'm pretty sure she may not be able to stand today! Sarah's photo sessions were definitely the real reason everyone was there with their babies and toddlers decked out in Valentine finery.

I know this was long-winded, but I feel so grateful and thankful to everyone who participated in this fundraiser, and I want everyone to know who you are! It was truly heart-warming to speak to each of you, hear your thoughts, and know that your heart was in this event... and it did turn out to be an event.

Thank you all and Happy Valentine's Day!