Clash @ Clairemont

This weekend Melissa is working at the Clash @ Clairemont so maybe I'll take Hannah and Nicky to check out the action. Two years ago, I had to honor of taking Max to the Clash. He and Sam got to hang with Tony Hawk and friends at the top of the big half-pipe they had set-up. Poor Sam had both legs in casts from ankle problems related to his cancer. F*%$ing cancer!


Sydney Dudley - Angel

Sydney Dudley passed away on Friday night, not too long after Sam passed. To have two kids whose lives we follow so closely pass away suddenly so soon after one another...

Here's the news posted on her CaringBridge site (registration required) by her mom Rhonda:

Sydney Marie Dudley went to heaven....very suddenly.......we think she bled internally......

I will never be the same.......

my baby girl......

Though we never got to meet Sydney, Rhonda's amazingly positive and wacky posts described a girl whose heart was pure and loving. Sydney was treated by Dr. Sholler and they were friends as much as any two people could be, and so I know the good doc's heart is very heavy right now processing Sam and Sydney's passing.

Please pray for Sam and Sydney's families. While hearts are heavy here on Earth, I'm sure Max, Erin, Eden, Penelope, Ryan, James, Nathan, Spencer, Lucas, Dustin, Cody, Zachary, Katie, Austin, and all the other NB kids who preceded Sam and Sydney's entrance to heaven, greeted them with open arms and enveloping love.


Garage Sale - rescheduled

In light of Sam's passing, I am postponing the garage sale until the end of April. Thanks for you understanding.


Sam Hutchison - Angel

Sam made his way to heaven this afternoon.
Please leave a note for his family...

Max and Sam in the hospital getting chemo together as only kids can do.


10, 9, 8, 7...

We are close to launching the marketing effort for Touch A Truck. The new Max's Ring of Fire web site is up, ready, willing, and able to collect and process entry ticket and raffle tickets sales. We still have a few needs for raffle ticket prizes - mostly in the upper range of value ($2,000). We have a lot of irons in the fire for this prize tier, but need to make sure that we have a really attractive package of prizes for people to have a chance of winning. So, if you have ideas/connections, please let us know. Melis and her dedicated team of volunteers (meeting again tonight) have all been working very hard to lay the foundation for a great event which should raise a lot of money for childhood cancer research and clinical trials.

Now the REALLY hard part is about to begin: Promoting the event.

How can I help
you ask? Glad you asked, here's how.

1) Tell your friends. Email them a link to Max's blog (www.MaxMikulak.com), Max's Ring of Fire (www.MaxsRingOfFire.org), or spam your Facebook friends and send them to our Fan page (www.Facebook.com/MaxsRingOfFire).

2) Help sell raffle tickets. If you want to sell them in your neighborhood, let us know and we'll get you a batch. Got an iPhone? We can give you a secure credit card terminal that accepts all major credit cards (just like the iPhone commercial, complete with fingertip signature)!

3) Get stuff. We can always expand the raffle or even hold an auction at Touch A Truck. Contact us or sign-up on our Max's Ring of Fire volunteer form.


Max's Garage Sale

Thought I'd put our good ideas to work and see how a real Max's Garage Sale would work.

Saturday, March 20, 2010 I'm hosting a garage sale in our driveway with 100% of the proceeds going to pediatric cancer research.

For those of you that had contacted us this past November following our volunteer party, you have access to our Google Group page that has a list of files to help with your own fundraising (if you're interested in volunteering your time and talents, we can still add you to our group!). None of the fundraising ideas have been put to use yet, so I thought I'd break the ice.

With the garage sale, my kids want to host a lemonade stand. I'll post pictures of how it turns out to inspire and awe you!

I could use your help with our garage sale:
  • Stuff - I need it.
  • Buyers - I need you to come with full wallets! *I will be able to process credit car donations on my new iPhone!! Woo-hoo!
  • Share - if you would be so kind in sharing this information with your friends, letting them know about our garage sale and that all the money raised will go to kids' cancer research.
If you are interested in cleaning out your garage and donating some items to our sale, we will be happy to sell them for the cause. Here's a help list of what we will try to sell and what we've learned from experience doesn't sell:
Yes, we'll take it:
  • Baby/toddler clothing in good condition
  • Toys
  • Furniture in pretty good shape
  • Home Electronics (tv, radio, dvd players, etc.)
  • Art Supplies
  • Anything for kids
  • Computers and Equipment
  • Art Supplies
  • DVDs & CDs
  • Gardening equipment
  • Art & Collectibles
  • and more!
No thank you - doesn't sell:
  • Bed mattresses, sheets
  • Item's too "used" or worn
  • Magazines, books
  • Anything dirty or dusty
  • Anything torn or with stains
  • Shoes (unless new and unworn)
  • Clothing not for babies/ toddlers
  • Upholstered furniture not in great shape
Depending on the size of the item(s) you'd like to donate, we can try to schedule a pick-up if you're unable to drop off. I can't promise anything.

Email me: Mel@MaxsRingOfFire.org

On the move with more fundraising for the cause.

Live Life to the Max - fall into our Ring of Fire!

Touch-A-Truck Raffle

Wow - we have been so busy putting together raffle prizes for our TAT event. We're wrapping it up next week, making final decisions on how to package all the great prizes, and will soon have raffle tickets available online!

I've got one problem... I've got no toys for the kids-only-raffle! I can't tell you how many incredible prizes we've received that you are going to go bonkers over... but the kids got nuttin'.

We're looking for toys in the $20 range that are pretty much girl/boy neutral - although, having construction trucks would be par for the course at this event. If you have a neighborhood toy store that you'd like to ask - or if you feel up to making the donation yourself - here is our Raffle Donation Form.

We can arrange to pick-up donations or they can be mailed to
Max's Ring of Fire
PO BOX 3142
Del Mar, CA 92014

Email me: Mel@MaxsRingOfFire.org

Toy ideas: Klutz books, toy trucks, dress-up, building sets (lego, lincoln logs, tinkertoys, trio), book sets, toddler toys, kid camera, Thomas the Train items, Hot Wheels, arts & crafts, beach toys, beach chair, bug stuff, etc.

Thanks for your support!!