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We are close to launching the marketing effort for Touch A Truck. The new Max's Ring of Fire web site is up, ready, willing, and able to collect and process entry ticket and raffle tickets sales. We still have a few needs for raffle ticket prizes - mostly in the upper range of value ($2,000). We have a lot of irons in the fire for this prize tier, but need to make sure that we have a really attractive package of prizes for people to have a chance of winning. So, if you have ideas/connections, please let us know. Melis and her dedicated team of volunteers (meeting again tonight) have all been working very hard to lay the foundation for a great event which should raise a lot of money for childhood cancer research and clinical trials.

Now the REALLY hard part is about to begin: Promoting the event.

How can I help
you ask? Glad you asked, here's how.

1) Tell your friends. Email them a link to Max's blog (www.MaxMikulak.com), Max's Ring of Fire (www.MaxsRingOfFire.org), or spam your Facebook friends and send them to our Fan page (www.Facebook.com/MaxsRingOfFire).

2) Help sell raffle tickets. If you want to sell them in your neighborhood, let us know and we'll get you a batch. Got an iPhone? We can give you a secure credit card terminal that accepts all major credit cards (just like the iPhone commercial, complete with fingertip signature)!

3) Get stuff. We can always expand the raffle or even hold an auction at Touch A Truck. Contact us or sign-up on our Max's Ring of Fire volunteer form.


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