Max on NBC 7/39

Max was on 7/39's Friday morning news show to help promote their station's blood drive taking place this weekend. Thanks to you, Max's supporters we didn't need to promote his blood drive as it was already 90% full by this past Thursday. Here is the clip.


Chemo 5 Delayed

This week we really found out what the doctors meant when they say "you have to be flexible." Up until now, Max has been right on time with all of his cancer protocol. We've been really lucky.

Monday, he was scheduled for admission to the hospital to start his 5th chemo. Blood was drawn and sent to the lab only to find that his white cell count was too low to start chemo! So we tried again on Wednesday. The blood results came back the same. Ugh! (White cells fight infection and drop dramatically following chemo, so they have to be at a certain level before Max can start treatment.)

Max is now scheduled to try again on Feb 2. Wish him luck!


Chemo round #4 wrap-up

Max came home this afternoon. Boy, was he happy to be back! Some new cars for his train set were waiting for him, sent by his Papa (my dad), and consisting of a boxcar and the all-important tanker car.

It's 8:00 p.m. and Max is asleep in his cozy bed. Out of all that he misses being away from home, Melissa and I think its his bed he misses most. The first night he is back from the hospital, you can just see him snuggle into his sheets in such a way that says nothing less than, "its good to be home".

Max is switching doctors. His primary oncologist, Dr. Moody is going back to NY and we'll miss her. But we are getting a good replacement in Dr. Roberts who heads the Hematology/Oncology group at Children's. For the next two weeks, Max will be having twice weekly clinic appointments and a blood transfusion here and there. On that note (blood), Melissa will be posting info soon on the next blood drive. Even though we had a GREAT turnout and therefore results from the last blood drive (thanks to all for accomodating the last-minute venue change and for hanging out in our garage during the rainstorm while waiting your turn), we're still going to have another as this blood not helps to serve Max's needs but other kids as well. Given recent news of the critical shortage at the SD Blood Bank, all who choose to give are encouraged to do so!


Chemo round #4 (revised)

Correction, Max's fourth round starts Tuesday (1/04) and ends Friday (1/07). Max doesn't mind visitors so don't hesitate to ask. The best way to find out the optimal times is to call Melissa's cell phone - 619-990-1234.


Chemo round #4

Max's fourth round of chemo starts tomorrow (1/03). This round, he's back to the drugs he took in rounds one and two, and which he reponded to well with no side effects (unlike round three). He'll be hooked up for 72 hours to IVs and as soon as the 72 hours are up, we can go home.

The past two weeks have been nice to be around him, although he's had a cough the entire time, and seems to be getting worse. We'll see what the docs say on Monday.

Here's a list of Max's medications for this round (in case any one is interested):