Cause and effect

Last weekend (Kustom Kar show at Del Mar fairgrounds)

This weekend (Legoland)


Anonymous said...

I just heard someone on the radio talking about "hot rod flames" as his first tattoo (from his wrist up to his armpit). Will that be next? :)

Randee said...

Hey, do you think Max would still like a ride in a Hot Rod?

Randee said...

PS Thank you for "Living Life to the MAX" and sharing it with us!!!

Vickie said...

My local radio station has been playing a commercial for Captain Morgan rum that says, if you spend time thinking about which hat to wear before you go out (feed cap, cowboy hat, driving hat, etc.), you might have a little Captain in you. It looks like Max has a little captain in him.


Anonymous said...

So great to see the family having fun...smiles on their faces...and living life to the Max...way to go! xo Linny

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm sure if Max is up to it I could get my buddy Alan from La Mesa fire dept. to give Max a ride like we planned before. It's kind of ironic Alan,myself, and two other friends spent all day Sat.the 5th at the Good Guys car show. It is such a great event.

Anonymous said...

Whooo-hooooo.....go Max! Social D, hot rods, and flames....lovin' it! Glad to see his beautiful smile and see him enjoying some "kid" time.
Hugs...Debbie W.

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