No "Bye" week

Max went in to the hospital last night - he started running a fever in mid-afternoon and by 5pm was spiking 100, and throwing up = automatic check-in to hem/onc ward at RCHSD. Melissa said he was doing better last night, hadn't thrown up again after leaving the house, and was resting comfortably. As of 11 or so last night blood numbers looked good so he had not started antibiotics as why give him anything that's not needed. Depending upon this morning's blood labs, Max may be discharged or may stay another night.

While we were hoping for a bye week, away from clinic, off IV chemo, as normal as possible, it hasn't started out that way but hopefully it will end that way. Max also had a complete breakdown yesterday. His foot fell asleep in clinic at 11am, which apparently set him off and he cried off and on for an hour and a half until he fell asleep. Obviously victim of whatever made him spike the fever and throw-up but beyond that, he's had a rough two weeks and deserves a break. We're doing everything possible to make that happen.

I also owe an update on last week's MagicWater Project meeting but will defer until later.... duties call.


Vickie said...

I agree. Max and Co. definitely deserve a break. I hope home is in the offing and soon.


San Diego Mom said...

I thought things were ok when I checked the blog last night (late!) and lord and behold, Andy posts it at 5:00am! You guys need a break. Hope Max can come home today. Shiho

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