Springed Sprung

He's out. And on the way home. Time for a good weekend and some time with his buds. Tomorrow, a trip to the local fire house with Cub Scout Den 6. Who knows what else may happen? Probably not many chores will be taken care of this weekend. Time for fun. Thanks to all for your help this week, especially my dad (papa) and Melissa's parents (nana and tata) for watching the kids and stepping in to help. Thanks Leo for the McGills hat and DVDs, and the standing offer of a Pads game. Thanks Sue Stein for the white bean soup... mmmm... dinner tonight. Thank you Lisa Sturt and Max's class for all the awesome decorations, the cards and the jokes! Thank you to everyone I forgot to thank (and I know there are many)!

Logging off for 48 hours or so...


Anonymous said...

Happy "home at last"!Enjoy every minute and rest when you can. See you next week.

Love to you all... Nana

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Answered prayers! Enjoy the beautiful sunny weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to break out/break away and have some fun! Make tons of memories!

We will check back again. My son also relapsed but currently no cancer until the ugly beast comes again! I too want to prolong his life perhaps until a cure!

Hope your weekend is great!

Elena Briscoe

Anonymous said...

There is no place like home!!! Yea! Have a fun filled week end. Tail wags from Libby to Max! xo Linny

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