3 days

Just a quick update. Max's blood culture came back positive so he's on antibiotics, 3 days in-country minimum, measuring blood cultures every morning until negative.

Two weekends ago at Legoland.


Vickie said...

Bad Words for the Bad Luck.


Anonymous said...

Hope Max is feeling better...sending lots of prayers from Oregon..and tail wags from 'Libby'...xo Linny

Anonymous said...

Oh crud!! Praying for Max and his whole team that he will be home soon and will be feeling better.

Randee said...

So Max, did you find the rest of the "boxtops"? I think I like Pajama Sam!!

Anonymous said...

hi melissa and andy,
i'll be in san diego on business from sunday night until tuesday afternoon and i would like to drop off a little gift for max. i know this is strange, considering i've never met you. and i know things are yucky right now. if it's not too overwhelming, please email me at mookilatte@yahoo.com and let me know if this is okay and also where to bring the package. i can also mail it if you prefer. thinking about all of you and hoping those cultures are negative very soon.
toby's mom

Erin Newman-Smith said...

Poor guy! I hope he feels better soon and gets to go home. I am looking forward to hearing about the Magicwater meeting--what a great organization.

Adorable picture of Max and Hannah!


Anonymous said...

Luke and the school gang miss Max in class! We are so sorry to hear he has sepsis. Stay strong and we are with you in spirit...let us know if Max gets strong enough for a visitor, or if you are home this weekend and we can stop by...Luke would love to see him.

Anonymous said...


You look so cute in that picture from Legoland. I hope you are feeling better and O-U-T of there very soon!

Max P in Boston

Anonymous said...

Hope Max is holding up o.k., and your spirits too. I miss seeing his smiling face, let me know if he would be up for a visit from Miss Weitz, maybe he can read me some Star Wars books??!?!!? Hugs....Debbie W.

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