Sucks less

Below, the report from Dr. Roberts on Max's CT and MRI that was performed today. All in all, not as bad as we were expecting, quite honestly. In other words, it sucks less than it could. New treatment plan will be posted tomorrow.

VMA 18.8 & HVA 21.8 on 3/27
LDH 1180 on 4/1 (highest since before stem cell rescue in Spring 2005).

"CT Chest: a small right pleural based mass in the lung, and a hilar mass (that is most likely the collection of lymph nodes that made the mediastinal area positive on the MIBG scan). They also described another lung lesion that was very small and they called it "questionable" as to whether or not it really is anything."

"CT Abdomen: normal"

"CT Pelvis: no soft tissue disease. The signal on the MIBG scan appears to be coming from the S2 & S3 vertebral bodies. The mass at S3 is larger than what is seen in S2. The prior thoracic spine lesion is essentially unchanged. There does not appear to be other bony disease in the pelvic bones."

"MRI Brain/Head: no brain lesions. There is a very small right frontal bone lesion in the skull. It was visible on the MRI scan, as the fat saturation was adequate to make the skull bones interpretable. The CT of the skull was not done."


Anonymous said...

A long day for you all! I am thankful that it wasn't as bad as expected. Less insurgents is good! Battle plans are being drawn; watch out NB, here comes the toughest warrior of them all! (With the best special op's backing him up!) xolisa
PS Hoping to do a duet with Max of Ring of Fire this morning!

Unknown said...

Hello Melissa, Andy and Max,

Checking in to see results after your recent scary news. I'm very glad to see that the results "suck less" than you anticipated... that is very good news indeed!

Just know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers as you continue down this path.

Love to all of you,

Char and Al Love

Anonymous said...

"Sucks less" is better than "worst scenario possible,"
so I will take it as a win for Max. Game plan on!
Can't wait to see Max in Miss Julie's office "having lunch!!!" Hugs..Debbie W.

Randee said...

Praise God!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Good news..not as bad as anticipated..power of prayer! Stay the stead fast warriors that you are! Watch out insugents Max is going to do battle on you!! Sending a huge hug to Max..and many prayers his way. xo Linny

Anonymous said...

Has Randee be over doing vocal lessons with the kids again? Sounds similar to the noise I hear on the back of my motorcycle when she's wearing the IPOD. Sucks less is a blessing, but we'll keep praying for the total miracle!

Anonymous said...

As the mother of a 12-year daughter with Neuroblastoma (diagnosed 5-02) I follow Max's story with extra interest. I must say that the picture of him on the home page is magnificant; I smile every time I see it!

I'm happy your news wasn't as bad as anticipated but I know it's still an anxious time for you all.

Never forget that you have many friends (met and unmet) who are in your corner, cheering you on and believing that happier news is on its way!

Becky Smith

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord, We're still asking for a miracle. Willie & Rosie

Anonymous said...

Jon McClure

San Diego Mom said...

Will take suck less and thank God for it. One step at a time.

I wanted to share with you this poem in a children's book (Heidi) I was reading to Kent.

Oh, trust His love to guide thee,
He is a Prince so wise
That what His hands provide thee
Is wondrous in thine eyes.
And He, if He be willing,
May bring the work about
And thus thy hopes fulfilling
Dispel thy fear and doubt.

It may be for a season
He will no comfort show,
And for some hidden reason
His light will not bestow.
As if no more He heeded
What sorrow was thy share,
Or what relief thou needed
In all thy deep despair.

But if thy sure faith stays thee
When thou art most perplext,
He will appear and raise thee
What time thou least expec'st.
He will remove the burden
That presses thy heart down,
And thou shalt have the guerdon
And thou shalt wear the crown.

Erin Newman-Smith said...

Checking in on the news today, and I was heartened to see the title "Sucks less". Way to go Max! I'm so thankful it wasn't as bad as you thought, although still not as good as we all hope. Keep charging forward, and know that many people are out here thinking of Max and your family.

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