Max and I got home from the hospital at about 9:30 last night. Not the idea I had for a president's weekend Sunday night but as any cancer parent will tell you - if you weren't good at being flexible before cancer, you learned real quickly once you started dealing with problems big and small.

Max got his hair buzzed on Saturday morning. The topotecan that we added to the mix is taking its toll on his body in more ways than just his bone marrow. He's off all chemo until his platelets stabilize (but not everything else - nifurtimox, celebrex, and all his other anti-inflammatories...even threw some artemisinin in for good measure). He started losing his hair again, and with it getting into his mouth at all times, he and we thought it best if we cut it mostly off. I'm not sure if he likes it, but this time, I have mixed feelings on the hair loss. Irrationally, I like to see it - visible proof that something is working (who knows if its killing cancer cells but those dang hair cells it certainly is killing!). On the other hand, I'm ready for him to be "normal" again and not stand out.

Back to the hair cut. Instead of taking Max to a kid's salon, I took him to a proper barber shop that I frequent in Solana Beach: 10 chairs lined up and staffed mostly by old guys in their 60's, 70's and I bet 80's. Nothing but sports, car, and fishing mags in the racks (Max loves the fishing mags - grouper and trout are his favs). Also, coffee and doughnuts on the weekends, and a straight-razor touch-up on the neck and around the ears. I love exposing Max to guy-stuff. He digs hanging out with the boys so much - loves the banter. Loves jokes. Loves getting and giving grief to other guys.

It's been an interesting 3-4 weeks here in San Diego - weather wise. We've been having some fabulous family outdoor adventures in January and February. Nic is a champ and able to hike quite a long distance and at a decent clip before getting tired. As he's only 2 1/2, this bodes well for the family getting out and doing some real adventuring in another 3 years or so.

This weekend, in addition to our unexpected visit to RCHSD, Max went on a couple of hikes at Torrey Pines State Reserve, and played at the beach.

Saturday outing with Cub Scouts den 6.

Sunday at 17th street, Del Mar.

Sunday night - getting platelets, tired.

Monday morning, Torrey Pines State Reserve, Red Butte (rebel base), fighting the stormtroopers.

Torrey Pines Lodge circa 1910 overlooking Carmel Valley and Torrey Pines state beach.


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