Paul Saxon Racing

Needless to say, we feel very confident about winning this year's Pinewood Derby for Pack 734. Paul Saxon, as you all know, passed away July 14, 2007. He was a huge NASCAR fan and his favorite driver was Jeff Gordon in car #24. Well, Paul, Max is doing the driving on this one, but we've got your name and number on the car to hopefully help us win the big trophy.


Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet looking car, and Paul would love it! It is so cool that you guys are remembering Paul's favorite thing by putting his name on your car. It made my day!!! Let us know how you do in the race.

Terrill (Paul's dad)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome tribute! Go #24!

Anonymous said...

Go Max!!!!!

Randee said...

Hey, what a cool car!!! I bet you win!!! What a wonderful tribute to Paul--a super nice thing to do Max!!

Love, Annee Ranee

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