"Mommy? I wonder when my cancer is going to go away?"

I don't know, honey. I just don't know.

Max's last comment to me tonight as I tucked him into bed. Funny, how he comes up with these comments at times when Andy & I are incredibly stressed about his cancer.

The topotecan we decided to add to his cocktail really hit him hard and threw us for a loop. His bone marrow seems to be way weaker than we would have ever guessed. In the two weeks since his topo treatment he's needed one red blood transfusion and two platelet transfusions and his counts continue to be low. His marrow recovery has been incredibly slow. This is one of those things we just didn't want to see happen.


San Diego Mom said...

It was fun running into you all at Torrey Pines. Kent wanted to wait for Max to catch up with him but unfortunately, Sam had his long waited poop finely come out. Yes, in the middle of the trail, thank you very much. We had to cut our hike short.

I can't imagine how hard it is not to be able to look back into your child's eyes and say, "well, as long as you take this medicine, it will get better in X amount of days." It is those innocent questions and comments that breaks parents' hearts. I will continuously pray that you and Andy will find renewed strength each day to fight this disease with Max and hope that a day will come when you can look back and laugh at these questions.


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