Eden Brunskow

What a sad week. Eden Brunskow passed away last night. She lived in Orange County too, just like Michael Haley. In fact, their dad's had offices right next door to one another. For both of their kid's to pass away so closely to one another is difficult to fathom.

Neil and I had the honor of meeting Eden and her dad Paul last October in Vermont. They were staying at the RMH in Vermont when we stopped by during the morning before our first MagicWater Project meeting there. Eden was so cute during that visit. She reminded me a lot of Max - subtle, quiet in speech and demeanor (at least at that time), but with lots to say and lots of intelligence to back up what she was saying.


Anonymous said...

I've been following Eden's blog for a couple of months... She went through so much and seemed so brave through it all. So incredibly sad.

Randee said...

I too have been following Eden for some time--so very sad--my heart just breaks!

Love, Randee

Anonymous said...

I may be late to post this, it has been slightly over a year since Eden passed away. It has been a sad year without Eden to share our lives with. She has impacted my life heavily, every time I look at a situation I wonder what Eden would do. I thank her for that.

Jenna said...

Eden was so brave and patient through it all. I condemn her for that. I wish that we all could have still stayed in touch. ~jenna duncanson :)

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