Max Medical Update

Here's what's been going on since the medical update two weeks ago:
  • Max has needed a red blood transfusion and platelet transfusion. Both dropped rapidly since the IV topo.
  • Max has had to check in at clinic every 5 days (instead of his usual 7 days) to have his blood counts monitored. His ANC has been under 500 for about week, which always sucks, because we're always on the look out for a fever which would land him in the hospital for several days.
  • Max's scalp finally let go and started letting his hair fall out - all over the pillow, all over his clothes, in his mouth and in all his hats. Andy took him to the barber shop today and had it buzzed off with a #1 guard (if you're not a guy, the #1 is the shortest you can go with the clippers before it's considered shaving).
  • Max is still feeling great, has lots of energy and is as cute as ever. He went on a beach hike with his cub scout troop this morning for 3 hours! They hiked down Torrey Pines beach and up the cliff from Flat Rock to the visitors' center then down the road and back to the car.
  • We stopped Max on Friday from taking his oral cyclo (chemo) in hopes that his blood counts will go up and he can start the oral topo and cyclo on Tuesday.


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