Sun 2/17/08 - Max coming home from Hospital!

Andy just sent me a text message that they are in the car and on their way home! Yay!

Max's platelets were low again... 16. So he stayed for a transfusion. Max had a reaction to the platelets this time wihch is why they were there so long. Toward the end of this transfusion a rash broke out on his legs so the nurses had to monitor him longer and wait for instructions from the doctor on-call. (It's quite common for kids to react to platelets. Max gets pre-medicated with bendryl and tylenol each time because he started coughing during a platelet transfusion and his throat became tight a long time ago. Now I guess we add "rash" to his reaction list.)

Blood did show up in his urine sample as well. This could've been a by-product of the low platelets so nothing is being done about it right now. We'll monitor his pee at home to make sure the blood stops with the transfusion he just received.

That's all for tonight... sleep well.


Anonymous said...

And yet another trip to the hospital! But we're grateful the news is good and everyone is back home and safe.

Take care... Big hugs, Nana

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