Jack's Essay

Get your kleenex's out. Paul Saxon's brother Jack - wise beyond his years - wrote a beautifully poignant and sad school essay on the death of his younger brother. Were I to ever express such a difficult, tender moment as good as he does... please read.



Anonymous said...

I actually read Jack's essay yesterday before you did the link and haven't stopped thinking about some of the things he said... Yet, their letterhead is what I want to focus on: PRAY. ENDURE. HOPE. LIVE. You have been great examples of that! Continue to LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX! And thanks for sharing all the photos/posts; they bring smiles and inspire others!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!! That is the most beautiful essay I have ever read. Andy you warned me to get my tissues but a 9 month raging hormonal lady needs 2 boxes!!

It is amazing what kids can teach us-what is really important in life. I am always inspired by all the warriors fighting this beast but I am equally inspired by the parents and siblings fighting right along with! Keep fighting!!

God Bless you all!

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