Max stands up

Melissa and I attended the Rancho Santa Fe Unit Rady Children's Hospital Auxiliary annual fundraiser this past Saturday night. For cancer parents, this is our "night out" but in this case it was an enjoyable evening in its own right.

The reason why we were there wasn't because we're huge givers to RCHSD (though our insurance is!), but because Max was featured in the introductory video... you know... the one intended to break hearts and open wallets. Well, Max delivered once again. The evening's take was just north of $1.3M. It blows me away. If we could get a quarter of that for MagicWater in one night...

We'll post the video as soon as we receive a copy. It's quite good and Max of course looks very cute. The producer that put the intro video together has offered to put together a longer version that features only Max for fundraising purposes.


Anonymous said...

Max always delivers! How could anyone resist his smile and bright eyes! He is unique..special..gifted with pure love for everyone he comes in contact with...he is an angel on earth..It is a honor to know him..and his special family. Linda

michele vaughn said...

Congrats on the sucess!


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