Wear Your Care Update 2

"I am freaking out!"

Just received this email from the wonderful Mrs. Sturt tonight. She has 1000 orange wristbands. She's received 800 orders and is expecting way more. Her marketing of the Live Life to the Max campaign has surpassed even her goals (which is hard to believe, really, as she's hitting-up anyone who looks at her sideways for donations at Starbucks every morning. Why did I only order 1000 bands? What was I thinking?!)

I think it's funny that she's freaking out. We'll order more! So, if you don't go to our school and ordered a wristband, it may be a little delayed in getting to you - but it will get there!

BTW - she's also raised almost $6500 for Magic Water. Hoo-Yeah!

Thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...

That's my girl! I am Lisa's mother...affectionatly referred to as Linny...not mom, by Lisa..She is just getting started! Lisa is her daddy's girl thru and thru!!

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