Wear Your Care - Update 1

I know we'll be writing several updates on this subject over the next two weeks, so I thought I'd better title this appropriately.

The Wear Your Care flyer went home in the school Wednesday envelopes (two days ago). I just received an update from Mrs. Sturt. She said 329 bracelets have been ordered and $3602 have been donated thus far! Wow!

She said she also received a call from one of our old neighbors in Chula Vista, The Luna Family, who wanted a few bracelets. (Thank you, Carmen! We miss all you guys down there.) A boy from another class brought Mrs. Sturt a bag of change that he earned and wanted to donate. And one teacher's class is doing a group recycling effort to make a class donation.

Can you feel the LOVE?


Anonymous said...

I can *so* feel the love! This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It fills me with happiness that Max, and his cause, are in Ms. Sturt's loving care. Thanks, once again, to our Solana Highlands Family and Community for "Wearing Your Care" I feel honored and blessed to work with, and for, such an amazing bunch of people! xxoo :)

Anonymous said...

We hear of so many negative things going on in our world and then we have the love and caring coming from Solana Highlands School.This should be shouted from the roof tops! From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone involved in this effort.

Max's Nana

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