Cancer IS Fun & Skateboarders Rock

We're back to the Cancer is Fun thing again. Let me explain: In The James Emails by Syd Birrell, he wrote that when his youngest son was asked what it's like to have a brother with cancer he answered, "Having cancer is fun!" Here's just another reason why:

Friday, Max and Sam (of TeamSam) were invited to a private skateboard demo with Tony Hawk, world famous pro-skateboarder, and a few other up-and-comers in the pro-skateboarder and snowboarding world. The invite was made possible by Sean Mortimer, whom, if I'm not mistaken, is the editor of Skateboarder magazine and is the husband of a teacher at Max's school, who, of course, must've bullied her husband into getting this set-up ;-). Forgive me if I'm completely or partially wrong on my facts about who set this up - but know that we are super stoked and you ROCK!

Max hangin' with Shawn White (you know, the snowboarder from the Olympics?) and the man, Tony Hawk, ultra-world-famous pro-skateboarder and founder of the Tony Hawk Foundation. Everyday occurance for Max to bask in the glow of famous people.

Max and Sam waiting for their turn in the pipe with Bucky Lasek getting some big air (upper left corner of shot). The top of the ramp is 13.5 feet by the way and he's still going up... Bucky may be doing an Ollie - but I'm really not too sure of my skateboarding terminology, man.

Max & Sam had an awesome time. Max has never seen anything like this (even on TV) and had no idea what to expect. The most he's seen for skateboarding are some kids trying to flip their decks and stick the landing - which he was quite impressed with at the time. We sat down at one end of the pipe (I guess that's what it's called) and then the guys started riding. I thought Max's eyes were really going to pop out of his head. He was astonished. And how couldn't you be? What was really interesting to me was that the guys skating this day ranged in age from 19 to 42. And I tell ya what: you certainly couldn't tell one from the other when they're riding. They were all flippin' awesome!

A huge thanks to Tony Hawk for extending this invitation to Max & Sam. This was a private affair that a family had bid on at a Tony Hawk Foundation auction. Max and Sam have crashed their first party! Way to go, boys. Nice choice.

Cancer has it's fun moments and we will take advantage of all of them. When offers like this come up we're so thankful. To introduce Max to more of the world is essential to us because we don't know what the future has in store for him.

Look for more pics, video clips and a list of the pro-skateboarders that were performing on Max's Kid Site soon!


Anonymous said...

Too Cool!!! Tony Hawk's contributions for the boys have been awesome, what a super person he is!! Thanks for sharing the good time with all of us....and so glad Max & Sam got to enjoy the ride together! =)

Anonymous said...

Very cool photos :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you all had a good time and that we were able to include Sam! Thank you, Sean and Tony!

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