Starting chemo again

We've been given the green light to start Max back on his chemo. Since September 6th he's been off of it, having counts too low to keep taking even just the cyclophosphamide. But today, his ANC was 830, platelets 90, hemoglobin 9.6 and WBC 1.7, so back on the juice he goes. We've also gone back to Etoposide (he'll take his first dose tomorrow AM) since the experiment with oral Irinotecan. Not that we know definitively that one is more efficacious than the other. Max seems to tolerate the Etoposide better. We'll see. Cancer is fun, as this clearly illustrates.

Below, some pics from this weekend.

Hannah and Max (and Rufus, Hannah's classroom mascot that got to go home with her for the weekend) in front of 'Uncle' Brian's aggressor F5 Tiger (he gets to humiliate the Tom Cruises of the world during Top Gun training). Note the Russian star on the tail. Weird seeing that in the middle of North Island NAS.

Max is growing some hair, as you can kind of see in this photo. This has me totally freaked out as in my irrational state of mind hair=ineffective chemo and no hair=effective chemo. This obviously isn't the case but who says that cancer is rational? Nevertheless, it looks good on him and Max seems to be liking it.


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