Max's Meds

So I'm preparing Max's nightly meds and supplements and I think, "Sheesh, I've gotta get a photo of this!"

Starting from the left: The first six bottles are the pills Max takes by mouth morning and night (bottle one is the nifurtimox, bottle two is his chemo -cyclophosphamide- pills). The four taller bottles in the rear-center are the liquid meds we give him through his mickey-button. The last six bottles are all the supplements we give him at night. We open all the capsules, mix them with yogurt and milk, then draw them into the big syringes and give them through his mickey-button, too. Standing up in the back in the clipboard we use to make sure we've given him everything at the right time everyday. The sheet gives us a 2-week look.



Randee said...

So, how many calories in all the meds!!! What a job you have putting all that together every day along with all your "chores"!! You continue to be my hero--I don't tell you enough how much I admire you and Andy; the fight and attitude you have are inspiring!!
Love Big Sis

Anonymous said...

You all amaze me! Each one of you is a super hero! I've got to get you a Wonder Woman belt!!!! :)

lisa sturt

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't see you and Nic last week, I wanted to say happy birthday to Nic. Hope he had a good birthday (I'm sure he did based on the photo!)

A warrior is so appropriate to describe you and Max when I look at those medicines. We will be praying for your family as you continue your battle. The wrist band idea I learned from the class blog sounds great and please let me know if I could be of any help in preparing the logistics of it.

Shiho Barbir

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly----that photo speaks VOLUMES!
Your never-ending positive attitude must be what keeps that wonderful smile on Max's face! Know that your Solana Highlands Family is always thinking of,and praying for, your family! xxoo

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