What's with the numbers as titles to the blog entries today.

Well, I'm reading a book called "Made to Stick" which is, surprisingly, about how to make ideas "stick" in people's minds. One of the examples that is talked about in the book, is that people tend to give more to charity if they are not presented with numbers or 'rational' reasons for giving.

In other words, tell a story - don't cite statistics.

It seems us humans switch over, unconsciously, into analytical mode when presented with numbers and as a result, feel less emotionally affected by the cause for which our wallets are being sought.

However, this number - $17,422 - is a special number that will make your heart smile. You can read about it via the wonderful Pat of Will Lacey fame.


Anonymous said...

That is why the NB blogs are so very powerful! For me, I started reading Max's then linked over to Nathan's, Carter's, James's, and Will's. My response has been emotional (!) but it has also spurred me to action. The blogs provide the story and a picture of a child to go with the terrible statistics. It does make it real and tangible. You feel you know these kids so you want to do something!

Keep up the blogs and spreading the word about them...they make a difference!
lisa sturt

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS! Magic Water and other special people are raising awareness from West to East!

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