Happy Birthday Nic!

Happy birthday to you little Nicky - you're two years old today but already have the spirit and energy of a much older boy. You've been the best little brother to your brother Max and sister Hannah. Mommy and Daddy know you're going to have a special life and are so happy to see you growing into such a sweet little boy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and I agree you are a sweet boy. Look forward to celebrating on Saturday!
Love and Hugs,
The Ross'

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite "new" two year old. You are such a special little boy and Nana loves you all the way to the moon... and back!

Randee said...

Happy Birthday Nicky!!!!! I am sorry I am going to miss your party but we will do something fun when I get back!! You look pretty darn cute with your birthday cake on your face!!!! Good Night Special Boy!! Love Annee Ranee

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