Touch-A-Truck Success!

Nicky & Daddy in the back of the "small" dump truck.

I'm just making a short post about our fundraiser right now, because there's so much to say and I just don't have enough time to put all my thoughts in order this morning.

Most importantly, I want to thank my friend Leigh for doing a splendid job of organizing this event for us - especially since none of us had any idea where to begin and what to expect. In one month she put in about 2+ months of volunteer time spearheading a very successful fundraiser.

We haven't tallied all the dontions, but we believe we raised about $8,000 for neuroblastoma research! Not too shabby, I say. Max's Ring of Fire is very thankful to Leigh, everyone who volunteered to help, the wonderful people who brought their trucks to a parking lot on a Sunday, and to all the generous people who donated their money to a worthy cause.

Thank you. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.

(We have 100's of photos that we will upload later today for your viewing pleasure!)


Bree said...

Yay for success!!! Can't wait to see the pictures. I miss everyone! xo,

Randee said...

I have buches of pictures too and will go through them Wednesday night. What a wonderful time!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, sending my love and support from afar!


Vickie said...

$8000! Great Day! We so need that kind of money. Thanks to Leigh for doing such fine work.

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