Max's Birthday Fun

Max's birthday is fast approaching... June 30.

From Austin Melgar's blog we saw that his family had planned a whole week of events to celebrate Austin for his birthday. We loved the idea, and decided to adapt their idea for Max's birthday, albeit abridged to four days of fun Max's style. Our plan is to do activities as a family that Max loved to do, and as Max would've liked, invite his friends and extended family to join us and Live Life to the Max!

We are nailing down the specifics on everything, but here is a loose look at our plans, so you can set aside time to join us if possible...

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Pizza Port
A family favorite for food and games.
135 N. Highway 101 - Solana Beach map

Sunday, June 28
One of Max's all time favorite spots. WWII warbirds, modern day fighter jets, and a huge ship. We'll see you onboard.
12:00 noon
Midway admission:
$17 adults
$13 seniors (62+) and students (with valid ID)
$10 retired military (with valid ID)
$9 youth (ages 6-17)
$0 (ages 5 and under)
Monday, June 29
(unknown location at this time)
Wii Night - woo-hoo!
Video games got Max through a lot of crappy days - and through a lot of just plain ol' good days! Little known fact: Hannah & Max knew the entire story line of the Star Wars trilogies before they ever saw a movie thanks to the Lego Star Wars game. Max's favorite character: "the Gen" aka General Grievious.
location TBD
Check back for location confirmation.

Tuesday, June 30
Max's Birthday
(check back for details on locations)
Cub Scouts & Rockets.
On this very special day Max's Den Buddies will launch seven rockets in memory of Max. We will follow-up this salute with a picnic (bring your own stuff) and birthday cake (provided).
Location of rocket launch & Picnic TBD

RSVP's are not neccessary, but appreciated - especially for Monday & Tuesday. I could also use a little help coordinating the Wii/video game night. We have one Wii and one Playstation, along with one TV we can take along. Can you provide a TV, game station, extra controllers, etc.? Get in touch with me.


Bree said...

Wish we were there to celebrate Max's birthday with you but we will have our own celebration here on the east coast. Katie says she wants to go to the beach and read "where the wild things are" for Max's birthday. Everytime we read that book she talks about Max's celebration day. So perhaps we will have orange cupcakes and read "where the wild things are"? Lots of love this month and always!

Bree said...

Will be thinking everyone today as you begin you celebrations for Max's birthday. Look forward to seeing some pictures.

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