We did it. After tallying the online donations + at-event donations + some just-received-in-the-mail donations, Max's Ring of Fire raised just over $10,000 for neuroblastoma research!
Touch-A-Truck was a huge success in every facet.
Thank you. Everyone.

Now for the photos! I've obviously posted a few here, but you can see more from our new friends at SRD - Strategic Racing Design - who brought our their fully outfitted pre-runner to the mix, in representation of off-road trucks and wrote a very nice blog post about the event. We've also received many photos uploads on our Facebook page - become a fan!! For a big look at the event, check out our Flickr Album.
If you have any great photos you'd like to share with us from Touch-A-Truck, please email them to me at cureNB(at)gmail.com. I'd love to see them!

Special thank you's must go out to all the really nice people who took four+ hours out of their Sunday afternoon to sit around in a parking lot and let kids climb in, on and all over their vehicles to benefit a pediatric cancer that they may have never heard of before. I wish that Andy & I had had more time to spend talking to each and everyone of you, to thank you over and over again, for giving us your precious time and vehicles to benefit a cause so close to our hearts. I hope you had even a 1/4 as much fun as all the kids did. (And thanks for tolerating all the horn honking! It did bring the place to life, don't you think?)

Which reminds me that our San Diego Star Wars Society made a lot of kids happy, too! I loved seeing the Clone and Storm Troopers in the vehicles as much as seeing the kids in them!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on such an awesome and successful event! Cheers for you! Thank you for posting pics, I am very touched to see the Mikulak family living life to the max. Max must be proud. Hugs to Hannah and Nicky, they look great. Bless you always!


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