Nacho Nic

Every mother's nightmare; every father's dream: Their 3-yr-old son wearing a Lucha Libre mask.

Out of all the cr*p Nic had his pick of at the SD County Fair, this is what he saw upon entering the fair and he held fast throughout. So when we exited, he picked out his favorite design.

Without Nic to remind us that there is a life to live even though Max isn't here any longer, I sometimes wonder what I would do.


Anonymous said...

I bet you're wishing he gets tired of that mask really quick, hee hee. Awwww, Nic is a funny, sweet boy!

Vickie said...

I'm thinking we need to borrow him for a while. That's the answer to the question I often find myself asking: where's the levity in my life?--and I don't even know what a Lucre Libre mask is.


Kipp said...

Is it wrong that it brings me joy to see you guys wearing sweatshirts in June?

3 year olds are the best. they have such fantastic personality.

Andy (Dad to Max) said...

To Vickie - we will pay postage to ship him to you for a while.

Melis said...

Follow-up to Vicki - yeah, but she's responsible for the return postage.

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