In honor of recent NB angel Erin Buenger and her wonderful mom Vickie, today's post title is a verb. Mosey over to Erin's blog (appropriately re-titled, "Let's Do It!" after her passing) and read Vickie's latest post about Luke Skywalker and his mission in life.

Just a quick last-minute post about today's Touch A Truck fundraiser that we're putting on to raise money for neuroblastoma research. We've been doing most of our marketing for the event through local news and Facebook, not so much this blog, as so many of its readers are not local. However, for the 10-15 of you in America that are not on Facebook yet, if you're in San Diego today and looking for something to do from 12-3pm, come on over to Canyon Crest Academy in the eastern portion of Carmel Valley just north of the 56 for Touch A Truck. This is a family-friendly event that will have construction trucks, garbage trucks, race trucks, race cars, etc, that kids can touch, climb on, climb in, honk, and generally play on and around. We'll even have a car that kids can paint themselves! Our goal is to raise $10,000 from this event and checking last night we're well on our way with $2,500 in advance ticket sales/donations online already! 100% of the ticket money/donations goes to NB research. Melissa and I have footed the bill for all the rentals/permits/marketing expenses, or they are donated.

The weather today is still not cooperating but by 12 noon it should be somewhat less foggy. I can't tell you how much I hate this time of year in San Diego - its been overcast for the entire day by the beach for more than a week, and unlike other cities that come to mind (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle), San Diego does not wear the color gray well. Still, the purpose of why we are holding the event - honoring Max and raising $$ ofr NB research - doesn't diminish my joy and pride at all the work that Melissa and the legion of volunteers have done to make today happen. We will post an update later today or tomorrow after the event with pictures and a total amount that was raised.


Vickie said...

Touch and Touche. I hope you had perfect California weather for Touch a Truck. What an inspired idea. And thank you very much for the salute to Luke.


Randee said...

Just a quick note--what a wonderful day at Touch a Truck--your organizers did an awesome job and the kids had a grand time climbing on all the trucks and honking all the horns. Can't wait for next year!!

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