What is Heaven?

During Max’s second full day in-patient for “the fever” we finished book 1 and started book 2 of the Little House on the Prairie series. He really likes this stuff. There are lots of wild animals and hunting stories, bee hives, bears and panthers, creeks to ford and possible Indian sightings. In the last chapter we read this afternoon the family was trying to cross a swollen creek. When they finally reached the other side Laura realized that Jack, the family bulldog, was nowhere in sight and probably drowned trying to follow their wagon across. She was very upset and wanted reassurance that such a good dog had a place in heaven.

Max rolled over slightly to face me from his hospital bed and said, “Mommy, what’s Heaven?”

I was slightly stunned perhaps because of the setting, perhaps because of the timing, perhaps because I want to know exactly what Heaven is sometimes, too, knowing that my son may be there alone, without us someday.

I answered, “Heaven is where people go when they die. Gramma Chris is there.” He nodded – he knew that from before. I had to stop reading then. Emotions overtook me and it was all I could do not to cry. My eyes brimmed with tears.

Max rolled back over and fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

At the end of the Bible, there is a verse where the "Apostle" John gives us a tiny glimpse of what heaven will be like:

Revelation 21:4
"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away".

We are also promised "new bodies" ...........free from sickness, old age, or disease.

Life is tuff down here on this Earth and that was actually promised to us.

It is only down here where we can make a difference and be able to give God the GLORY!

I'm so Grateful to the Mikulak family for sharing what they are going through and the WHOLE "Live life to the Max" campaign.

It reminds me that life is truly SHORT for all of us.............And we all need to be "Living our lives to the MAX" down here.

*Back in 1990 I accepted Jesus Christ's gift of salvation and Repented of my "Lawless lifestyle".................And God's word promises that I WILL be "in heaven" with Jesus when I Die.

Don't worry about Max ever being there Alone,..........he won't.

*Judging from how sketchy my life's been lately, and how hurt I get............"no matter what I do",...........There's a pretty good chance I'll be there WAY before Max ever shows up!

Carpe diem!

Thanks again for the "practical" LATIN lesson-

Daniel Harold Sturt

Anonymous said...

Thank you Daniel, you gave words to my heart for the Mikulak family. Melis, Max will never ever be alone..."he won't."

God has so used your family to give testament to living life to the fullest, with courage, with perseverance, with hope. May God fill your hearts with His presence, His Love, as your heart aches for your precious son...especially in the quiet moments when the day is done...May God carry you. May He give Max abundant love and comfort during his painful moments, in his body, in his heart.

Max is my hero...so brave, so real, so full of life..and that smile, warms thousands of hearts...he gives us his gifts every day. GO MAX!


Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say other than to tell you my eyes are filled with tears, and my heart is full of love & prayers for all of you...Max, Nicky, Hannah, Melissa & Andy. You are all AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

I saw on the latest lab results that you have checked out of the hospital. Yah! Your beds will feel good tonight. Glad Max is home in time for his surprise visitors this weekend! xolisa

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to let you guys know that I am thinking of you and praying for restful nights for all!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Daniel said so beautifully what is in my heart...Never fear that Max will ever to alone..he won't. I cried so hard yesterday reading the blog and the comments that I could not respond...and this morning the same thing is happening again. Max has touched so many people and made such a difference...he may be only seven but what an influence this little guy has had to so many people and even strangers...How many adults can say that about their lives? I feel honored to know the Mikulak family...I am sending huge hugs...and many prayers ...I won't give up! xo Linny

Kim said...

I've been thinking of Max quite a bit lately. As his student teacher this past school year I learned to appreciate his courage and zeal for life. Hang in there Max and family. Mrs. B

Talita said...

Hey Max... You dont be worried about heven so early, you still have a lot of time here with us, if it depends os prayrs! Hope your feeling better so you can have fun this summer, Lots of love from Brasil

Shannon B. said...

we've been thinking a lot about you all while we are here at the ranch. We have so many great memories with you up here. We so wish we could give Max this experience. Hopefully at some point we can. We love you guys and are amazed at your strength. Heaven can wait.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you and your family.

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