Food is not a Surprise

Sunday night we had "Happy Sunday to Us!" party. (Do you really need an excuse to have a party?) Andy had been to the market, picked up crab for Max, shrimp for Hannah, and big chunk of 4-layer chocolate cake to share. When dinner was over we broke out the cake and told the kids, "We have a surprise for you! Come to the kitchen!" The three kids closed their eyes... the suspense was killing them! We lit a candle on top... "okay, open your eyes!"

"Yay! Cake!" yell Hannah & Nicky.

Max looked at us like we were dumb as rocks. "Food is not a surprise for me."

Andy & I exchange looks that say, "We are dumb as rocks." Then we open the emergency new toy cupboard and produce a new surprise. We were rewarded with a smile. Whew!


deb schwedhelm photography said...

omg...what a wonderful and funny story. thank goodness for the emergency toy cupboard. :-))))

Will's Dad said...

What else is in that cupboard? Do you have any other emergency stashes around the house that people should know about? I'm oddly intrigued by this concept of emergency stashes.

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