This Week's News

For some reason we've had very busy week. Here are the highlights:

8:00am clinic day. Expected Max to need red blood and he did. Had a quick check-up and waited for the blood to arrive. Made it home by 3:00!! Yes - this is considered a great day. Max is still having disgestion issues. Spoke with the nutritionist at the hospital and came up with a few ideas to hopefully remedy the situation. #1 was to elevate his head more for his overnight feedings. #2 is to stop the fish oil for a week. #3 adding papaya enzyme. Will post more when we find out if any of these ideas worked!

Max's blood counts were really low yesterday: virtually no white blood cells (no germ fighting ability) so he had to stay home from school. He found out that mommy and Nic don't actually spend all day playing. We had three short errands to run and he barely made it through. He's quite the complainer ;-). We decided to give Max some GCSF shots to boost his white cell growth. All he wanted to know was what his prize was going to be. He came down with a cough last night and had a slight runny nose to boot today (although it's hard to have a runny nose with no white cells). We hoped he wouldn't get sick, however...

This morning he woke with a fever. Ugh. For those of you not-in-the-know on the chemo-fever: if Max spikes a fever of 101.0 he has to be treated in-patient with IV antibiotics for up to ten days. mm-hmm. F-U-N. So I packed an overnight bag for Max and I, and another for Nic to stay at Nana & Tata's house. Got everything together that I thought we'd need to stay overnight which took me an hour longer than I thought it would, but with Nic/godzilla destroying everything in his path it makes sense now. By this time Hannah's long gone to school with our wonderful neighbors, Jenna & Melissa. Max actually slept until I had everything ready to go. We were out the door at 8:50am. Max chatted happily in the back seat all the way there... hmmm, isn't he feeling sick? Turns out his fever went away all by itself (awesome!) and he just had to stay in clinic long enough to get a precautionary antibiotic and have his temp taken a few more times. Hooray - we get to go home! Made it home by 3:00 again today!

Going back into clinic for a post-Wednesday check-up. Not expecting Max to need any blood products as his counts are on the way up according to Wednesday's lab results.

If everything goes right, we'll be heading up to Big Bear for the weekend with my whole family. The kids will have a great time with all their cousins as they usually do. I was suppose to get all the packing done on Wednesday. Ha ha. A long, relaxing weekend away from home is on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

A long well deserved break! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!
For everyone that doesn't know, Melissa's birthday is May 31st. Melis, know that you are always in my heart and prayers and I love ya friend!

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