Big Bear or Bust!

No bust! The weekend was great! Andy took Friday off for an extended weekend and we headed up to the mountains with the econo-liner filled to the roof.

The cousins (Chase and Hallee) were already there to greet Hannah, Max and Nic and the fun began right away with a pinecone hunt that continued all weekend and developed into "art" in the front yard. Hannah and Max both made friends with a very large dog, Bear, who wandered the neighborhood as well as Max-the-Pup, my sisters' dog, who they are typically afraid of. (My kids are terrified of dogs FYI.) They got dirty, played Star Wars with sticks, went on a nature hike and made animal track casts at the Discovery Center, went fishing (no luck!), took a spin on the Alpine Slide, stopped at a Hot Rod show, and had a pontoon boat ride! Whew! All in 2-1/2 days! (Lots of photos on the kid friendly site.)
Dad and Mom had fun, too, hanging out with the kids and the rest of my family. We all stayed in one house that was just big enough for 11 adults and 7 kids. That doesn't mean everyone got their own bedroom ;-) ...although we did somehow!
Good adventure weekend.


Anonymous said...

Big Bear was such a nice time; I always enjoy when we get some extended time together. I really enjoyed all the young cousins playing together and getting along so well. Do you realize there are 7 kids 8 and under--Chase-8, Hannah-7, Max-5, Hallee-4, Kanan-2, Nic-1 1/2, and Katie-1? When did that happen?!! The weekend was great--the bost ride, the food, the snacks and the wild and fun card game was a hoot!! Can't wait for the birthday blast next week!

Love you guys! Randee

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