Mr. Inspiration

This evening Max was the recipient of a very special award given by his school district. One child from each grade, at each school, is chosen for their special efforts to receive an Inspiration Award. Max received his for courage and effort. This is what his teacher, Ms. Weitz, wrote about him:

Max Mikulak is a true inspiration of courage! He is currently undergoing chemotherapy for recurred neuroblastoma, Stage 4. Anyone, and everyone, who meets Max is awed by his positive attitude and kind spirit. When he is able to be at school, he participates 100%, never letting his symptoms get him down. Max is always willing to share his experience, either through his "blog" or just with his words and he always does it with a smile on his face... his is truly courageous!
We think so, too.


Anonymous said...

And we do too! Way to go Max!

Will's Dad said...

Congratulations on having raised such a wonderful boy! It is a testament to your parenting skills, your strength, and to Max for having such a wonderful outlook!

NB Warrior said...

That is such a wonderful honor! Max is truly an inspiration for others.

NB Warrior said...

are you guys in San Diego? We will be there Memorial day weekend. =)

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