Round 8 - post chemo wrap

Whew! Busy week. Here's the highlights.

Max breezed through his chemo this week.
Though he's feeling more nautious that usual and has NO appetite. Yesterday he ate a couple of M&M's, and a few sips of plain chicken broth at dinner. Thank goodness for the g-tube, though that's been making him a little sick lately too.

Family day at Children's Hospital San Diego.
Not what you think. Instead, we had the rare treat of having two kids in the hospital at the same time for different procedures - Max: chemo and Nic: hernia operation. Nic sailed through the operation and was out of there before noon, on his way home, and today (Sat) is doing fine with no known pain (Tylenol with codeine helps that).

MagicWater Project.
Two good things happened. One is Neil (www.TeamSam.com) and I met with Max's onc Dr. Roberts and we're going to try to open the Nifurtimox trial that Max was on in Vermont, here at RCHSD. That won't help out Max but it will help out some other kids with NB who may not be able to travel to Vermont or St. Louis (which is opening the Nifurtimox trial June 1). And, the hope is that we'll bring more trials that can help Max from Vermont to RCHSD. Another good thing that happened is that we're finally getting the MagicWater Project Fund going at the San Diego Foundation. This will enable us to get more low-toxicity trials going to keep kids like Max, Sam, Penelope and others fighting their cancer without blowing out their immune systems or internal organs. More info coming soon.

Max chillin' on Friday night in the playroom.

Walking to Max's Thursday night Kindergarten performance at his school.

Finally, lately Max has been having his own little Friday night dance party. Especially after such a busy week and his chemo, its great to see him with such energy, if not mad skillz, on the dance floor.


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Max is so brave and courageous. He is lucky to be a part of such a special and wonderful family.

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