"Bryan is gone"

And so this long journey has ended. Bryan's incredible fight for life has been defeated by a bacterial infection which took advantage of his weakened immune system. Bryan left this world peacefully, not in pain. His family was with him, we all had our hands on him, and he knew we were there to ease his transition from this world to the next. When it came time for him to stop fighting, we all had our last words for Bryan. Words of Love, Peace, Strength and Comfort. My own words to him were to look for Jesus, to see Him standing there with His arms open waiting for him, and to RUN to Him.

And then he was gone.

Mary Lou and I are priveleged to have called him son. Jen and Bobby are priveleged to have called him brother. And anyone who ever met him, who's lives he touched, are priveleged to have known him. We all stand in awe of this incredible young man.

We will love you always, Bryan. And we will be with you again soon.

Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother

Melissa and I met Bob Tressler, Bryan's dad, in March at the Vermont Conference. He was too nice a person to have this happen to him. Bryan was on the Nifurtimox trial too, I think he was #3 or #4 and Max was #2. We just missed him in clinic while we were there. I love the pictures of Bryan on their website: http://www.caringbridge.org/ny/bryan/


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