General Grevious Gets Gushed

Tuesday Morning
7:00am - Max is a trooper. He's still not eating much but we'll pick up a prescription for a new appetite enhancer this afternoon at clinic. Breakfast was a flop, however, he powered down almost all of his pills (keep this in mind).

9:00am - Nic has an appointment with the peditrician. While I'm checking in I get a phone call from Hannah & Max's school. Its the school nurse: "Hi, Mrs. Mikulak. Max just threw up in class. He's here with me in the nurses office." Ok, um... I can be there in about 30 minutes. Is he feeling okay now? "Yes, he seems to be in good spirits." Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can.

So I get through Nic's appointment: he's a little anemic which could be caused by a virus or ??? And it appears he has a hernia in his diaper area if you know what I mean... So I just need to schedule an appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Hilfiker, who happens to be Max's surgeon, too. (I do not have time for two sick kids. What are these children thinking?)

Back to Max: we get to school and Max is reading happily along with the nurse through a big book of birds. He's happy as a clam and ready to go back to class. I excuse myself and trot down the hall to speak with his teacher, Ms. Weitz, to find out what happened: Today was Max's turn for the Secret Sack (show and tell). He brought his brand new Star Wars Lego General Grevious figure with four light sabers and the empty box showing the cool Lego ship that he has at home. Apparently he got a little excited about showing his new toy and nervious about talking in front of the class and promptly threw up IN the lego box. Ms. Weitz found herself impressed with his throw-up know-how. Mommy quickly remembers that he ate nothing this morning except a handful of pills. Hmm...

The good news is that he went back to class and felt fine the rest of the day.


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