Chemo VI

Max just completed his sixth round of cyclo/topo chemo. At this point the mix is working and we will stay this course until Max is again in remission or the NB cells become resistant to the current treatment. At which point a change would need to be made... however, Max is not at this point and is responding nicely.

Now that he is off-study for the nifurtimox (still taking these) we have added vitamin C and zometa (a bisphosphonate bone strengthener) to his cocktail. His first infusion will be Tuesday. The preliminary studies from Dr. Sholler's lab show that nb cells responded even better to the nifurtimox + vit C. The bone strengthener just seems like an obvious choice due to the fact that the cancer is attacking his bones. There is a study on this somewhere.

Back to Max: He was very tired this week and actually took a nap today in clinic during his post chemo hydration. His appetite was really low. Today he barely ate at all. He has been getting his overnight nutrition, but it's vital that he keeps eating by mouth, too. I'm trying to figure out what the cause is: he is post surgery on his g-tube, it's chemo week, we're feeding him over night. I dunno. I've decided not to call his overnight feedings "feedings" anymore. I don't want him to think that's his new way of eating. We'll figure it out.

Signing out for tonight with a big yawn. Melis


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