No Chemo Today + Getting a G-Tube

Max was scheduled to start up chemo today, but his ANC (infection fighting part of his blood) is too low. So we have to wait and try again next week.

I just hate when this happens. It used to bug me because I had the whole week figured out with Hannah & Nic and had to redo it for the following week. Now I'm just pissed and worried because it means those damn NB cells have more opportunity to grow and invade. (OK, got that off my chest.)

So what's a G-Tube, right? It's a feeding tube that we're going to have surgically implanted in Max's tummy to feed him while he sleeps at night. His eating habits are so poor. He actually lost a pound last week. He is so painfully skinny - almost 6 yrs old and under 36lbs. He has no energy and he just wants to rest all the time. We'll be able to pump lots of calories into him every night, plug the hole, and send him off to school. I'm sure it's more complicated than that but the other parents say it's the way to go. So, sign us up.

We're looking at a possible surgery for the g-tube on Thursday but may have to wait until April 1 for several scheduling reasons.


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