Max - eating issues

Tomorrow we're consulting with our onc about getting some artificial help for Max's nutritional issues. The darn kid just isn't eating. Last week was tough. He had the flu but by the time we were home from Vermont he was feeling better. And we hoped that with the flu gone and being off the Nifurtimox for the better part of the week, that his appetite would come back. This morning (Sunday) he woke up and asked for french toast. Hurrary! The appetite is back. Max ate a whole piece of french toast (yes, sounds not so huge but considering what he hasn't had to eat in the past week, it was a monster-size meal for us/him). Too bad though, that was the last thing he would eat all day.

At dinner, Melissa and I leaned on him to eat two chicken nuggets and we were rewarded for our tenacity with an-almost-Linda-Blair-like puke all over himself and the kitchen table. We're 99% positive it's all mental at this point, as there is likely no stomach/GI issues that would make him lose it like that. So, while I feel horrible for having pushed Max to eat this evening, only to make him throw up (and he was bawling the whole time so clearly upset), for me at least it sealed the need to get some nutrition and calories into him on a regular basis via artificial means. I've read some good things other NB parents have said about the g-tube, or gastrointestinal tube, that allows them to add 1,000 or more calories to their kids while sleeping or inactive. That would be huge if we could do that. On Thursday Max weighed in at 15.8 kg.... just about 30 lbs. Not good.


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