Max update

Visited Max tonight after work. Hannah was with my dad and Nic was with Melis' parents for the night. So here's the scoop. His 'mickey' is right above his belly button. Its about the size of a bottle cap and plastic. There's a removable lid which just hangs - sorta like a gas cap - when removed. You can then attach different types of tubes, some for getting fluid via a pump overnight, some for a quick 'bolus' of liquid. We can even give him any meds that he won't take orally (though that's not really a problem). Post-surgery, he still can't eat until tomorrow and so he's very sad and cranky, as we all would be! Talking with Melis tonight a little bit ago, he's in some pain from the procedure and the nurses are a bit slow tonight in getting his IV removed and his port accessed so that he can get some additional pain meds and zonk out for the night. I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day for him.

Driving from work over to the hospital, another NB dad called me and asked about Max. I told him what I knew and he commented on how this is so unique to cancer parents. Something like this would probably be a HUGE ordeal in other households but its all part of the game - cost vs. benefit - of treating cancer. We know our kids are stronger and better for having this experience, tough as it is to imagine wishing this on anyone (which I don't).

Here's Max sleeping peacefully while I sit with him and Melis grabs some lovely CHSD food.


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