Top Ten Signs You’ve Been Fighting Neuroblastoma Too Long

Shout out to Margo for coming up with true comedy (that which is funny and makes a point that otherwise would be difficult to make without humor).

10. Every time your child gets a fever you hope it spikes to 101 or higher.

9. You’ve ceased to register the shocked faces at preschool when you off-handedly say, "Oh we can’t make it, we have chemo that day."

8. You’ve started inviting the nurses over to dinner

7. When you are at the ENT with your other child talking about removing his tonsils and the doctors says, "It’s surgery you know, it requires general anesthesia," you involuntarily go "Pfff."

6.When your child is diagnosed with pneumonia, you hope it’s the viral kind on the off chance pneumonia is an oncolytic virus that kills neuroblastoma cells

5. You can spell "pneumonia" and "oncolytic virus"

4. You don’t even flinch at throw up at a birthday party and help clean it up even when it’s somebody else’s child.

3. You can sleep through a stem cell transplant (stole that from the Londons)

2. When your child says something hurts you hope he or she has broken a limb somehow.

1. You have a hard time drumming up sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards and get ticked at all the cheery articles on how great it is to live with cancer these days.


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