#7 Complete

Max is finished with round seven of his chemotherapy and is doing great. (I can't say enough good things about that g-tube! Amazing what good nutrition can do for a kids overall well-being.)

While finishing up his last day of chemo this week we were visited by a pair of storytellers who work at the hospital. They were very funny and told us (acted out) a couple of stories. Max actually set aside his Leapster and joined in on the fun shouting directions and laughing.

Our weekend has been very nice. Saturday morning we finally took the Rokenbok (loaned to us by some great friends - thanks!) and set it up in the livingroom on the train table. The kids are having a great time playing with it. Even Nic enjoys putting cargo-balls in the trucks for Max and Hannah to dump. Max has figured out how to drive those trucks really well. Hannah likes to fill the monorail trailer with cargo-balls then drop them on other trucks from high above.

Andy and Max left this morning on a run to the local nursery to pick up some flowers for the yard since it's Earth Day. Max also wants to find a fresh packet of pumpkin seeds in hopes that we can grow a pumpkin for Halloween. The kids are currently growing a batch of peas behind the playhouse just waiting for the day they produce. Hannah decided to stay home and explore the yard in her own fashion. I think chemo week makes Hannah miss home and homelife. Yesterday she stayed home, too. Laid in the sun, decided to wash the playhouse, got her clothes wet and ended up naked in the backyard. Ahh, to be a kid again!

Tonight we start the fun gcsf-shots again. I have to get to a store today and buy a Bionicle for Max's shot prize per his request. I have to tell you how well he does with those shots. He and I have our own jobs each night for the shots and he gets through it with no tears. He's truly amazing.

Tomorrow begins a new week and back to the grind of fitting in as much school as possible for Max with scheduled clinic appointments twice a week. Monday he goes in for vitamin C and zometa infusions; Thursday just vitamin C. Oh, and don't forget blood draws and possible blood transfusions. There's a lot of in-the-car-time for Max and Nic every week.

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Becky said...

I have been reading the blog. i feel how strong Max is! Its amazing how well he is handling his battle! I am routing for him to pull through this yet again! My thoughts are with you and your family!
I am always wanting to know what is new and how he is doing. Its magical how Max is doing. He is a fighter for sure! Sending my thoughts and prayers and I keep your family in my heart!
becky from Maya'smom as momto4kidsny

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