Ryan - angel 4/26/07

This disease sucks. Ryan only got home (Albany, NY) last night from Houston (MD Anderson) where he was being treated. Visit Ryan's site


Anonymous said...

AAGH!!!!! I have been following his story along with all the other fighters on Max's blog. My heart aches for all. THIS DISEASE SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

This is just so sad. My heart hurts. One of the women in our small group told me about Ryan's passing. I will miss checking in one him every day. These kids seem to become part you; the part that helps you appreciate the breath you take, the sun shining in the morning, a quiet moment and laughter. I love you guys, Randee

Becky said...

I follow the stories of all the kids here on max's blog. My heart goes out to Ryan's family. This disease really does suck. I have donated to the cancer charities in my area to help find a cure.
Its breaks my heart the way these kids fight.
becky from mamyamom.com

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