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Unknown said...

Your son's strength and courageous fight against this horrible disease has helped a total stranger gain perspective on life. He is truly an inspiration and you are a beautiful family that only deserves health and happiness. I hope that Max's body responds to the treatment!

Anonymous said...

You are all truly inspiring and we think about you so much. You all deserve the best of happiness and health and we pray for you every day. Love, Aunt Gloria & Uncle Manny

Anonymous said...

Wow...I realize I am just now commenting on a journal entry from April, but I found your most recent post and decided to start from the beginning. I'm making my way through your posts both forward and back, but I guess what I'd like to say is that I am always amazed by people's paths in this life. The strength I find that folks possess, the love of family and friends, and the amazing journeys that people are willing to share. I thank you for sharing Max's, and your entire family's. I will continue to read and "catch up" and comment. Thank you~

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