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A photojournalistic look into the world of Max and his cancer served to you by Deb.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You ALL are incredible... Words do not suffice. The site is very powerful! Thanks for sharing so much of Max with us all! xolisa

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Stunning! What an amazing documentation! Deb is truly gifted, the photos both break & fill my heart. Thank you for letting us in, even more, on your fight.
Hugs....Debbie W.

Anonymous said...


The photographs of Max are so beautiful and touching and filled with bravery and his love for life. Thank you for sharing them. I think of your wonderful family and Max's incredibly brave journey all the time.

John London (Dad forever to Penelope)

Anonymous said...

The photographs are amazing...beautiful, sweet, sad & inspiring. You are an amazing family with an absolutely amazing little boy. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you everyday.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, amazing, touching. Debs photos are so real and in your face to the reality of the fight that Max is up against. Thank you for sharing this amazing photo documentary with us, so that we can pass on & share with others. Keep up the fight Mighty Max! We love you!

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