Max a little better...

Andy's at the hospital with Max tonight while I have a break with the other two kids we have.

Max's leg pain has still not decreased. In fact, this morning I had his morphine drip increased for the the third time, and this afternoon he had such a bad episode with pain that Andy had his morphine drip doubled and had a super dose of decadron given.

A short while later, he walked back from the bathroom, played video games with Daddy, and was in a generally good mood.

Our concerns right now involve whether or not the pain Max is having in his legs is actually in his legs - or perhaps deferred pain from the cancer that is in his spine - which might then explain why there has not been any pain relief after three radiation treatments to his thighs. We decided to try to decadron on him again for a few days to see if it would allow for any pain relief (reduces inflammation and swelling that bone cancer can cause).

So, Max is obviously still in the hospital for a least a few more days.

I found this slide show of the work Dr. Sholler is doing in Vermont for neuroblastoma kids:


Anonymous said...

I am praying here in Michigan for Max. Hugs and prayers. Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura stage IV neuroblastoma carepages.com page name LauraVDB

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. It sounds like you are slowly learning a bit more everyday to make him more comfortable and get to the bottom of this. Thinking of you
Carrie Palmer

Coachrk said...

I am praying Max and your family. My name is Rod I am a friend of Randee and one of the pastors at her church.

It was moving to have the whole church pray for Max on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

I shared Max's story & your blog with our 3 boys yesterday...they loved the photos of Max and we'll all be praying for a miracle! We were at a fundraiser last night for a 10th grade boy who was injured & paralyzed 2 weeks ago in a lacrosse game while playing against one of our boys' teams...I listened to all the players, students & parents who rallied to raise money for this boy, wondering how/why something like this could happen...it seems so unfair that any child has to endure this kind of pain. Just know that you, too, are surrounded by people who are rallying for Max during this difficult time and praying for a miracle. Hang in there...

Tifani Brakke
San Juan Capistrano, CA

San Diego Mom said...

Going back to two kids, one of them being a two year old is a break.....I guess even when that two year old is having a two year old moment, that is true if that crying is not from pain. I hope you can recover emotionally and physically to go back helping Max fight his war. Praying for Max and hope there will be more stabilized routine to decrease his pain and that he can come home and go to school...Shiho

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to read that Max got a bit of a reprieve from all that beastly pain. Every little bit helps!
Listening to Dr Sholers tape was inspiring. What a wonderful person. You can just feel her caring when she talks with these children. Another one of the "angels" in your lives.

Love... Nana

Anonymous said...

hoping that the pain stays away from our sweet Max!
Hugs......Debbie W.

Anonymous said...

Good for you and Andy getting his dosages increased...although I hate the fact that he needs them in the first place. I am so hopeful that the decadron will do the trick (and maybe even have the bonus side effect of increased appetite but none of the other nasty side effects). As always, thanks for the updates. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers. xo lisa

Anonymous said...

You and your family are in our prayers constantly. We are friends of Randee & Mike and in their home fellowship group. We also attend Journey and were privileged to be a part of the church prayer last Friday night.

Max holds a special place in our hearts and his picture is posted on our fridge and computer screen. It helps us to pray for him everyday and remember those children who are also in his situation. Never give up hope. It's the promise that God gives us.

In His Love,
Diane & Ernie

Anonymous said...

We are praying asking Our Father to heal Max and decrease his pain during his healing time. We are Randee's friends from work and We have been fortunate to meet brave little Max in person. Our constant prayers are with you all.
Thinking of you, The Aguilars.

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