"...just like Max!"

Here's a little story just told to me by Andy's Dad, John, who lives very close and helps out a lot with Hannah & Nicky. Nicky is no longer a baby and has started asserting himself and his will on the rest of us. Hannah's sick of bowing down to him...

The kids are in John's car and Hannah's singing a song or something. Nicky starts telling her, "No. No singing Hiya! No, no, no!" Hannah finally get's sick of hearing about it and begins telling Nicky, in a not-so-friendly manner that he beginning to be just like Max. It's always No this and No that. No singing. I need quiet. "You are just like Max!" She adds in her sing-song voice, "Except you don't have cancer."

I guess that little fact of life is on all of our minds!


Anonymous said...

I think about Hannah and Nick as much as I think about Max and how much they must have to deal with at such a small age. Kids are just so amazing.

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of babes! Bless her little princess heart. It gives some insight into how siblings look at life around them and cope with it day to day.

How about that Nicky throwing his little weight around?? He needs a big sister to keep him in tow!

Much love, Nana

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